11 Essentials For Women Handbag

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11-Essentials For Women’s Handbag:

ladies hand bag is full of lot of things

Ladies handbag is like a miniature store room, you only come to know it’s actual capacity when you dump all it’s stuff out :) . Most of us have a habit of dumping stuff into it with hope that one day we would sort it out. Well many a times it leads to missing out some important stuff, so to help you and myself I compiled this list of things which are a must in ladies handbag. So read through it and let me know if you have any important additions…

stuff in handbag , goggles, cream , tissue,comb, mirror,sun screen, lip gloss, face wash

1-Face wash – There is so much of pollution these days, it is essential that you keep a face wash handy in your bag for cleansing your face periodically.

2-Moisturizing cream, sunscreen lotion – You should always keep a small pack of your favorite moisturizing cream for applying whenever you wash your face or whenever your skin appears thirsty. Make sure that you keep a non-leaking pack of these cosmetics.

3-Lip Gloss or lipstick – For regular touch ups.

4-Eye kajal/eyeliner – Even though you might not be using it regularly but you should save them in you handbag for any sudden party plans.

5-Comb and small mirror – You dare not miss it, even if you resist fashion and make up. Nothing is worse than moving around in shabby hair.

6- Rubber bands and hair pins – Ask me how many times I had taken off and by mistake broken my hair clutch. In such cases my backup comes handy :). Safety pins are also must to manage un-expected wear and tear in outfits.

7-Tissues and Sanitary napkins – For emergency purposes. You don’t want to be asking friends or running to departmental stores.

8-Goggles – It’s a must have to protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

9- Identity proof- Like your driving license,voters card, company card.

10-Passport photo- Trust me on this, you will soon realize how useful they will be.

11-Small notepad, pen, your visiting card if you have- For making notes on the go.

~ Swati

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