11 Tips On How To Tie A Saree

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Are you planning for your wedding or going to attend an indian function and “Learn to Tie a Saree”  is in your “To Do” list before that, then you are at the right place dear friend.Here are some freebies to help you.

Tips for tieing a saree:

1-Indian Saree is a rectangular piece of cloth. The end of the saree which is more decorated/embroidered/colorful is the pallu which needs to be worn over the shoulder. The other end which is simple is the one which will go inside while tieing the saree(this end is the start point of saree tieing).To begin you need to tuck the simple end in the peticot and then continue in anti-clockwise direction.

2-While wearing the peticot make sure that the length is not too long, else it would show from under the saree.

3-Make sure that you tie the strings of your the peticot tightly, so that afterward it doesn’t become loose and spoils the look of the saree.

4-To give a more sleek look to you saree, you can opt to buy a satin peticot instead of cotton/tericot one. Satin is little skin hugging so it would not give a bulky look when you tie the saree.

5-There are various style of saree blouse. Generally the blouse hooks are in front, but if you have a transparent saree and feel little awkward with front blouse hooks, you can choose any blouse style with hooks at the back.

6-Before you start tugging your saree, make sure you have put on your sandals. This is to make sure the saree length is appropriate even after you wear your sandals. If the saree length is less, peticot will be visible and spoil the look of the saree.

7-For quick tie, first make the pallu and and then make the pleat. It will make your work easier.

8-If you are not a regular saree wearer and always have nightmares about your saree falling :), then make sure while tugging your saree pleats you fasten them to the peticot with safety pin from inside such that the pin is hidden. Make sure you do this carefully to not damage your saree.

9-Do remember to tie the pallu of your saree to the blouse with a safety pin to prevent it from falling. You can use a simple safety pin for this and hide it under the blouse or can also use a flashy saree pin from top.
10-It is advisable to make the pleats little bigger in width to make them more stable(don’t worry about the number of pleat getting reduced a bit).

11- While giving a final look to yourself in the mirror after wearing the saree, if you feel the saree is slipping then add some more small safety pins at 1-2 more places to keep the saree intact.

Pictorial representation on how to tie a saree:

Do check out these nice videos on- “How to tie a saree”


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