24 Amazing Eye Makeup Ideas

Posts by on August 4, 2010

Eye makeup has always been an integral part of a girl’s makeup. Eye makeup can give you anything from an innocent look to the wildest look. Here I bring to you 24 eye makeup ideas so pick up your style…

1)Violet look

Violet look

2)Light green look

Light green look

3)Golden and black look

Golden and black look

4)Scary red look

Scary red look

5)Green and purple look

Green and purple look

6)Killer black and brown look

Killer black and brown look

7)Pink cat eye look

Pink cat eye look

8)Deadly multi color look

Deadly multi color look

9)Browny look

Browny look

10)Enchanting blue look

Enchanting blue look

11)Pretty pink look

Pretty pink look

12)The rainbow eye look

The rainbow eye look

13)Pink and black look

Pink and black look

14)Blue and green look

Blue and green look

15)Sky blue and silver look

Sky blue and silver look

16)Fiery red look

Fiery red look

17)Black red and silver tri color look

Black red and silver tri color look

18)Rainbow eye effect

Rainbow eye effect

19)Green and orange eye look

Green and orange eye look

20)Lemon yellow eye look

Lemon yellow eye look

21)Red black and yellow eye look

Red black and yellow eye look

22)Greenish eye look

Greenish eye look

23)Red eye look

Red eye look

24)Greeny look

Greeny look


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