3 ingredients for Glowing n Clear Skin

Posts by on January 17, 2010

Glowing and clear skin is something which all of us have dreamt of since our childhood. As we past through different stages of our life our skin also matures and we need to take more care of it with time.

In today’s busy life it’s very hard to maintain a beautiful skin. People do opt to go to parlours and shell out good amount of money as a quick remedy but many times this also doesn’t help. The parlour treatments are often short lived and many times gives way to many side effects too.

Here’s a quick tip to get a glowing skin which just needs 3 things from your kitchen :)
1-Besan(gram flour) – It is very good for skin, it cleans and scrubs the skin.
2-Honey – It is a natural moisturizer and helps your skin maintain it’s softness, suppleness and elasticity.
3-Curd- It cleanses and gives shine to skin.

Go grab a bowl and take around 2 spoons of besan(gram flour) into it. Add to it 1/2 spoon of honey and 1/2 spoon of curd to it. Now mix it properly, incase the paste is thick for applying on face add some more curd to it and mix. Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for 10 minutes to dry. Then go and wash your face and pat dry it.

Apply this face pack daily and you can see the result in just 7 days. For saving time you can make the paste for a week and keep it in your fridge and apply it daily.

So what are you waiting for go try it and see the difference!!!

glowing skin tips


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