4 Steps to apply Eye liner

Posts by on January 11, 2010

Eyeliner can make even the smallest eye look bigger and a tired eye look fresh but for sure the effect depends on how neat it is applied. Eyeliner application requires a steady hand. If you find it difficult to apply liner with precision then you would definitely like to practice it a little bit before put it out for a party.

Initially use a mirror and look down into it and try using small light strokes and then blend it with a fine tipped brush. If that also doesn’t work then you can try make dots on between the lashes and then run the over the dots with a fine-tipped brush.

Liquid eyeliner a good if you are able to maintain them i.e. replace them regularly and store properly. Otherwise go for a pencil eyeliner because it’s easier to keep the points clean by sharpening. Also you can think for a white eyeliner to your make-up box because if you run awhite eyeliner along the inner rim of the lower lash line then you eyes look less tired. You look more awake and the whites of the eye appear brighter.

Some quick steps to apply eyeliner:
1)Gently lift the corner of the eye
2)Start making a line from the inner end of the eye making sure you remain close to eyelash line.
3)Depending upon the how thin/thick eyeliner you want draw the .
4)Continue the line till you reach the end.

Here are the pics for the:
a-Eye without liner

how to apply eye liner

b-Stretch the eye gently from outer end

how to apply eye liner

c-Start applying liner from inner end

how to apply eye liner

d-Continue applying till outer end

how to apply eye liner

e-Comparison of eye with and without eyeliner

how to apply eye liner

Here I am attaching video on “How to put EyeLiner” I found to be very easy and descriptive. I liked the way the lady is explaining how to apply eyeliner


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