7 ways to wear Maang tikka

Posts by on May 11, 2010

Maang tikka is a must to give complete look to an Indian bride. Incase you have not tried it before on other occasions check out these 7 styles of wearing maang tikka and see which one best suits you…

1)Indian bride wearing an elegant maang tikka with two side strings to cover the forehead also

Maang tikka for indian bride-1


2)Diya mirza wearing rajasthani style round maang tikka

Maang tikka for indian bride-2

3)Rakhi Sawant wearing a heavy maang tikka with similar kind of side strings worn over the head in different style

Maang tikka for indian bride-3

4)Indian bride wearing a flat big maang tikka which covers the entire length of forehead

Maang tikka for indian bride-4

5)Indian bride wearing a centre round maang tikka with beaded side strings to cover forehead

Maang tikka for indian bride-5

6)Shilpa Shetty wearing a maang tikka with heavy centre part and 2 sets of side strings to cover the forehead and hair

Maang tikka for indian bride-6

7)Indian bride wearing a small centre maang tikka with the string hidden under the hair. Additionally  jhoomer is put on the side of the head.

 Maang tikka for indian bride-7


7 thoughts on “7 ways to wear Maang tikka

  1. preeti

    Rakhi’s tikka is gorgeous! I wonder if they are real uncut diamonds.

    I like how the headpiece is worn higher than near the forehead line, something about this style is very chic and bohemian.

  2. Stephanie

    I would like to know how a basic one would be worn? There is the one where there is a hook at the end, where would that attach to?

  3. Swati Singh

    Dear Stephanie,

    Maang Tikka is like a string, with a center piece on one end and a hook on the other. To put it first you should do a center parting of your hair. Then place the string of the maang tikka on the parting such that the center piece delicately touches the forehead. Then fasten the hook to the nearby hair strand and put a hair pin to hold it firmly. You can leave the maang tikka string visible or cover it with your hair as per your liking.


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