Aloe Vera Wonders For Pimple

Posts by on August 7, 2012

I recently got an overnite face cream and with couple of uses only it gave me breakouts :( . I was feeling very sad due to the pimple breakout and was more worried about the marks they would leave. To my good luck my neighbor visited me after one day and suggested me to use aloe vera gel. She had aloe vera plant in her home. So I got one big aloe vera leave from her house and also one small plant to put it my home(let’s see how much time it takes to grow). I applied aloe vera gel from the leave on all my pimples and would leave it to dry off. To my happy surprise the pimples were considerably reduced in size and were almost gone in around 3 days with almost no scars left.  I would say my pimples went off quickly since I started applying the aloe vera in very beginning only, for other individuals it would definitely depend on the size of the pimple and the frequency of application.

Will keep you posted on how my aloe vera plant is growing :)


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