Beauty Tips: Exfoliate for a glowing body

Posts by on September 7, 2010

Home made exfoliant

Epsom salt and Olive oil

Epsom salt and Olive oil

Friends many a times we feel the skin on our body has become dull and tanned. Though waxing is one of the solution to remove dead cells and tan from the skin but it can’t be done very often and doe snot relax the skin. So for a super smooth skin try out this quick homemade exfoliant.

To prepare your own exfoliant get hold of magnesium sulfate salt commonly known as Epsom Salt from a chemist shop, this salt is a very good muscle relaxant and exfoliator.Take handful of Epsom salt and to this add a tablespoon of olive oil and mix it well. Now apply this over your wet body skin and massage gently to clean, exfoliate and soften the rough tanned skin. Now rinse off the mixture and experience the soft radiant skin.


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