Easy Aloe Vera Storage Method

Posts by on May 30, 2013

Easy Aloe Vera Storage Method

aloe vera storage, aloe vera extraction

We all are quiet aware of aloe vera miracles. It’s use is widespread be it in treating acne, scars, stretch marks, minor burns etc. Read about using aloe vera for acne.Even though we get it in gel form in market but I have not found them as effective as the fresh one. But I also dont have the time and patience to take out fresh aloe vera juice every day. So I figured out an easy way of storing it for using it on my skin.
aloe vera storage, aloe vera extraction
Take one big piece of aloe vera stem from your plant. Clean it nicely and then remove it’s skin from sides where there are small thorns
aloe vera storage, aloe vera extraction
Then cut it into small pieces for storage and keep it in freezer
aloe vera storage, aloe vera extraction
Now whenever you need to use it for applying on skin just take out a piece and rub it on you face or wherever required. As it frozen it soothes the skin more and also it is easy to apply. You don’t need to remove the skin also, the aloe vera juice just melts off as it thaws and you rub on your skin.
This storage method has made my life so easy and now I am able to use aloe vera on regular basis. So are you going to try this out???

3 thoughts on “Easy Aloe Vera Storage Method


    Wow…Superb post..! I have never even thought that a fresh Aloevera could be stored in the Freezer.I just cant wait to try this…!
    This Blog is Very useful madam..!! Keep it up..!!

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