Easy Peasy Lemon Storage Idea

Posts by on September 5, 2012

Easy Peasy Lemon Storage Idea

Hello friends,

My skin just loves lemon, it naturally cleanses my skin and reduces any pimple break outs. But it becomes very difficult to have lemon available at home whenever I need it, also if I keep lemon as it is in fridge it dries off.

So I started storing them in an easy peasy way. All you need for this is an ice tray and squeeze the lemon into it and put it in your freezer. When they freeze you can store then in a zip lock and keep in your freezer.You can make as many ice cubes as required. I generally make cubes which run me for over a month. Also if you have a sensitive skin you can mix half water and half lemon and then store it.

So are you going to make your lemon cubes for storage???


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