Fashion Design Inspiration: Button Masala

Posts by on January 17, 2011

Button Masala by Anuj Sharma

Hello friends,

Recently came across a very interesting concept by designer Anuj Sharma. This concept is named ‘Button Masala’. Here he has used buttons to make a sequence on a dress along with a strip which contains a line of holes. So the basic idea is to be able to use various combination’s of buttons and holes to get a dress design of our choice. Thus providing us lot of flexibility. This concept can be very well applied to dresses, bags, curtains, cushions and many more things we can think of. So here’s a glimpse of some of his Button Masala concept along with a video where he is giving a presentation at TEDx.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Design Inspiration: Button Masala

  1. shweta sanzgiry

    hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anuj

    the concept of button masala is rly very good.

    i tried doing smthng new usng it, aftr atndng a workshop at INIFD goa

    i wud like to mail u the pics. b’coz ur comments are valuable to me.

    i need d email id

    please anuj

  2. Swati Singh

    Hi Shweta,

    At Stylebees I have published Anuj Sharma’s work as an admiration of his creativity. Stylebees is not related to Anuj.
    But it’s very nice to see you have tried something new using button masala, do send us your pics and we will be very happy to publish it on Stylebees and share it with our other users.

    Best Regards
    Swati Singh


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