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Lovers Paradise- Romantic Maldives

Before marriage bells ring, most of you already start hearing the sound of it. First thing which comes in mind is after marriage where would you like to spend your first few nights, which you would remember for rest of your life. Its really special and should be chosen and planned very well so you have full fun without any regret. Maldives will be your dream land if your love beaches. Secluded and Luxury are complementary. I have chosen Maldives for my honeymoon too,and I would say its lovely and one of the best place in world. If you are already married then you can choose it for your another romantic holiday to revitalize your beautiful memories.


Mesmerizing crystal clear blue beaches with white sand, the most suitable place to visit if you want to spend a lonely time with your mate. There are few water sports and adventure  can interest you, but this place is best for those who just want to stare at each other, walking on white sand beaches, feeling secluded, getting cuddled and just dive deep in ocean of love.

Many of my friends have also chosen Maldives for there honeymoon, to keep themselves cut off from world for sometime and just to be with there life partner. There verdict for the place is not different from mine and many of them have already decided for Maldives even before deciding for their partners :).

How to reach Maldives (Location): It is in situated in southern side of Sri Lanka in Indian Ocean in Asian continent. Maldives is cluster of Island scattered over the sea, then sub-divided into atoll, which is a group of dozens of individual Islands. Male is the capital and international airport of Maldives.  Maldives is totally dependent on sea product and tourism. Most of the Islands are converted in Resorts.

Malidives location

Visiting Maldives on holiday does not require a visa in advance. Just carry your passport and holiday stay permit is granted on arrival (That is applicable for India and most of the other countries, but take an opinion from your travel adviser too).

Best time to visit: Though Maldives beaches can be enjoyed in any season but I prefer sunny season which gives more opportunity for enjoying the beaches and water activities. Therefore the best season would be from October to April. Duration of around 1 week should be good enough for an enjoyable trip.

Selection of Resort and accommodation: As I said most of the Islands are converted into resorts and most of them are above 4 star, hence luxury and comfort you should not worry about. You should calculate your budget and the kind of stay you would love to. Most common options to stay are: Standard rooms (AC on Sea front), Villas (AC, Zakuzzi and Beach front), Water Villas (Cottages over the water) or other if your resort offers. 

Water Villa Maldives

Restaurant Maldives

Most of them offer free pick and Drop by speed boats. But if your resort is far from Airport then you will have to use Air-taxi for which you will have to pay extra, but that is again a different experience. For your convenience clarify which things are free and paid before booking it.



I had booked Bandos Resort, which was near to airport. There they offered honeymoon basket, pick up and drop by boat, complementary welcome drink, morning Breakfast. Boat ride was really enjoyable. You can book the accommodation directly by website of the resort or via a reliable travel agent. They had most of the desirable facilities like Souvenir shop, Water sport gear and trainer, Bars, Disco club, Restaurants, Laundry, Gym, Spa, Swimming pool, Medical help, shop for few basic stuff etc.






Maldives restaurent night

If you are vegetarian, be prepared for limited no. of  menu items. You can also carry some ready food for quick eating. For non-vageterian there is a variety of stuff, specially seafood could be worth trying.

Going in for water sports makes you really hungry and dehydrated quite often. Eat balance and Drink  lots of water, energy drinks and juices to stay fit of main activities 😉 .

Carry sunglasses, Bikinis, Short & seductive dresses, sunscreen.

Medicines, water clothes, cotton cloths, Umbrella/windcheater, torch, a map of place are the other essentials.

There are no dangerous insects like snakes etc in Island but you can see few lizard and spiders, no need to worry about them.

Food and drinks are slightly expensive, payment you need to make in Dollars or local currency. But confirm mode & currency of payment beforehand.

Carry floaters or slippers, there is no use of carrying any shoes etc, you will never use them. Winter wears are not required at all in any season but carrying a windcheater or a umbrella is advisable.

You are entitled for complimentary Honeymoon fruit bucket with wine if you are just married.


1.Snorkeling: If you do not know swimming or are amatuer swimmer, don’t worry, this is very enjoyable in shallow waters. I am not a swimmer but still I tried and did it, its really a fun. But be careful with coral stones, if you rub against them it will really hurt for quiet some time. Watch them from a distance, you can get closer but carefully. I would advice you to get some control in water then only try tricks. It was just an amazing experience to see so many colorful fishes swimming near you. I even tried to touch a few but they just slipped :), and don’t miss the under water fun with your partner ;).

2.Scuba Diving: For expert swimmers and adventure lovers. You will get all the help from the expert trainers available at the resorts for this activity.

3.Excursions: The resorts organize many excursion. One such excursion is day and night fishing. In this they would take you for fishing and also arrange for barbaque. Another one is Un-inhabitated island trip, here they would leave you in an isolated small island and let you explore the nature. Later they would pick you in the evening. I must say quiet an adventurous experience, you will love it though.

4.Dolphin cruise: You are taken in a steamer to the mid sea where you can sight lot of dolphins. It’s a real pleasure to see the smiling dolphins jumping to the whistling sound. (photo/video of dolphin cruise)



5.As such there is no sightseeing in Maldives, but you can visit Male, the capital and explore it.


1.Beach Dinners: Here the resort would make an arrangement for candle light dinner at beautiful blue beach. Must do.


2.Under water restaurant: Though I didn’t get a chance to try this, but sounds exciting.

Maldives under water restaurant

3.Don’t forget to scribble on sand and take a snap of it for your cherished memories

Sand Writing

Good luck for your enjoyable trip and have fun. Let us know how was your experience, our readers would love hear your honeymoon story.


~Swati & Abhishek

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