Nose Pin With No Pain

Posts by on May 20, 2011

My Nose Pin Wonder

Nose pins or nose studs are a common name known to all Indian women. But for those who are not aware, it’s kind of stud earring which we wear on our nose, generally on left side. Well it’s a common norm in north India to get the nose pierced of girls from childhood, but I being a jeans and T-shirt girl and by my parents courtesy was spared.

nose pin crop

But the real problem came when I was getting married. It’s a must part of a bridal jewelery so for my marriage day when I wore a lehenga I managed with an artificial nose ring which had a screw. The mechanism is simple just fasten the screw on the nose and tighten it to stay there. The marriage day went fine but un-fortunately for me the screw was tighten sooo¬† hard that I got a hurt boil on my nose where the screw was fastened.

This was a disaster since next day I had another big function in line where I being the bride would be The love of cameraman. I had to do something, so I went to my beautician and she had a pretty simple solution. She took out a stud which was in the form of sticker(just like sticker bindi) and she put it on the same spot where the nose boil was there.

Well this was just magic for me, it served dual purpose, not only it had hidden the spot but also it looked perfect like nose pin and was well suiting my reception saree. Much better that the screw nose ring since it didn’t screwed my nose :)

my stud nose pin as sticker

In my picture above you can see this sticker stud which looked very similar to original stud. In fact many people asked me also how suddenly I got my nose pierced :)


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