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5 Minutes Toner For Pores To No Pores

Posts by on July 29, 2014

The most common reason for many skin related issues like acne, blackheads etc is facial pores and these enemies are so stubborn that it becomes very hard to get rid of them. At the same time we also have to keep a check not to introduce our skin to many new chemicals to minimize pores.

So after some research here and there and trials I found this cucumber and green tea 5 minutes toner to be very effective, all natural and cost effective too :). As a result of using this I feel my skin more refreshed, tighter and visibly reduced pores and lesser blackheads after using for 2 weeks regularly.

5 Minutes Cucumber and green tea toner to minimize facial pores

Here’s how you can make some for yourself and go from Pores to No Pores. I make my stock for 2-3 days and store it is fridge, you can make fresh daily too and decide the quantity accordingly. Take a cucumber, grate it and squeeze the juice from it. In the juice put some crushed green tea and few drops of honey. Let it rest of 5 minutes and then strain it, if the tea leaves are bigger in size leave it for some more time. Take this mixture and with the help of cotton or simply by hands apply it on your face nicely, let it dry and then wash off. Use regularly to shrink pores and keep blackheads away. Simple isn’t it???


Men It’s Time To Take Care With Garnier!!!

Posts by on July 15, 2014

In today’s lifestyle full of dust and pollution it’s very important to take care of your skin to avoid several problems like acne, oily and dull skin etc. Especially for guys who still rely on age old soap bars for cleaning their face even though the hygiene level of soap bars is highly questionable.

Well I understand it’s too much to expect from men to follow complete CTM – cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine on an extensive level but basic cleansing and moisturizing is a must.


Here are 4 things which Men should do to have a good looking skin:

1. Facial cleansing - This is the most important part because if the skin is not cleansed properly moisturizing it does not help. It is also important to use correct face wash for your skin type, so that your skin is not too oily which can lead to pimples and acne. Also dry skin can lead to wrinkles and not so good looking face.

Good news is Garnier Men has come up with complete range of products which cater to different type of skin needs. There is one for everyone, like Garnier Men Oil Clear Deep Cleansing Face Wash for oily skin, AcnoFight Face Wash for pimple prone skin. PowerLight Face Wash for that extra cleaning effect when you come back from pollution with dust and impurities. For instant detoxifying effect Intense Fresh Face Wash Energising Gel Cleanser is worth trying.


2. Invest in good razors and after shave -  Shaving is something which every man has to do and it is very important to have a good razor and after shave. A good razor will prevent unnecessary skin cuts, hair pulls which might lead to pimple while the after shave will help prevent any sort of infections.

3. Moisturize deeply - Moisturizing is as important as cleansing. Proper moisturizing prevents skin from becoming dry and hence prone to wrinkles and other skin issues. You can try out Garnier Men PowerLight SPF15 Moisturiser and Garnier Men PowerLight Sweat+Oil Control Moisturiser depending upon your skin type.

4. Hydrate your skin - Stick to the basic rule of drinking minimum 8 glasses of water daily and your skin will remain hydrated and happy.

Check on the complete range of Men’s skin care products here 

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Monica Dogra And Her Total Effects

Posts by on July 11, 2014

Have you ever thought why we are interested to know about beauty secrets of celebrities??? Well I think this is because we are so smitten by there charm and flawless appearances that we want to know all about them :)

So when I got to ask Monica Dogra, an established musician and actress who made her screen debut in movie Dhobi Ghat, about her beauty secret and skin care regime I was all excited. Monica Dogra bollywood actress and musician

Here’s what I got to know:

1. How often do you get to exercise in a week and your general meal plan? Do you believe in dieting or regular eating?

I’m really into juicing; I think it makes such a big difference. There’s a company in Bombay called the Raw Pressery that does juice cleanses, and I did their 3 day cleanse recently. It has everything the body needs as food, especially the last juice of the day which is coconut and almond milk and cinnamon and all this other stuff. But I didn’t feel all that different afterwards; what really worked to make me feel lighter was the GM Diet. It’s the one where you only eat watermelon one day, and then the next day is watermelon and strawberry, and so on. You can do it for as long as you want. I’ve only done it for five days, and I lost like, two and a half kgs. What’s great is that you’re still eating. I usually do it before a movie, just because I look so much fatter than I actually am on screen. It’s intense

2. What are the “never to forget” things in your skincare routine. What beauty products do you use; do share with us if you use any natural remedies for skincare.

When everyone places extra value on the way you look and judging your appearance, that is when you feel the pressure of taking care of yourself and your beauty all the more. Between touring, writing, acting, designing, and just trying to have a normal social life, where is the time to pay attention to beauty? All I was looking out for was a one stop solution, a multi-tasker to support the different roles I play every day. I found that in a bottle of Olay Total Effects. It takes care of all my skin worries and most importantly keeps me looking fresh and stress-free. Olay fights the early signs of ageing, making my skin look young and firm. It was recommended to me by a close friend and make-up expert. I always have it in my handbag!

3. How do you take care of your skin during summers?

Olay-Total-Effect review by Monica Dogra


Since I’m always on the go, using multiple products to take care of my skin was always an issue. I have always needed a one stop beauty solution…Something that is low-maintenance, but big on delivery! I found an ally in Olay Total Effects. It’s the only thing I need in my handbag!


4. Your favourite attire to keep you cool during hot summers.

I love crop tops. Team it up with a pair of jeans or a funky skirt and I’m good to go. I have a huge collection of shades and hats as well which I just can’t do without.

5. Share with us your upcoming projects about which you are excited to work currently

My fifth album with S+F releases this September, I have my solo record releasing in October. I just completed a film entitled Relapse in LA a few months ago, for which I fly to LA to attend the screening for in a week’s time. I just signed another project that will shoot in NYC at the end of July. I’m touring Europe this summer with my band, and shooting a tour film around the whole experience. I’ll be in LA, London, Berlin, Cologne, New York, and Toronto in just the next two months. That’s enough for me :)

And here’s what Monica Dogra has to say about Olay Total Effect

SayNoTobars!!! Good News For Men, Garnier Is Here For You

Posts by on July 2, 2014

Men will be men! No matter what the situation, this statement will always hold true for them. Of all the silly things men do, the silliest is how they take care of their skin. They are so ignorant towards their skin types and needs and just depend upon normal soap bars and water for cleaning their skin, leave apart any cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine.

Garnier Men Face Wash SayNoToBars

As the brand that cares about men and their grooming, Garnier Men India has taken the first step to solve this problem and is out on a mission to change this.

They believe, behind every successful man there is a woman – who helps him with what to wear and what to do. So, what could be a better way to make men change their attitude towards grooming than get the women to lead this initiative with them?

This is why, Garnier Men has partnered with over 30 bloggers who are recognized as experts in beauty and care, in this Nationwide Movement where we ask men to Say No To Bars. Yes, they mean – Say No To ‘Soap’ Bars. Wondering why? Here you go -

1. Soap bars are unhygienic as the same bar is used for multiple purposes. Instead, why not switch to a face wash which is for a defined purpose?

2. Soap bars are history now! Modern men prefer to use face wash that is customized to suit their skin’s needs.  So, why not be the man of today who loves modern facilities?

3. Soap bars are inconvenient and not practical to use at all. Then, why not be smart and switch to a face wash which is easy to carry?

Keeping these advantages of face wash in mind, we ask men to take a pledge against the use of soap bars. Because soap bars leave the skin dry and dehydrated and are also inefficient in removing excess oil leading to pimples and acne. Instead men are recommended to use the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash for a deep cleansing action which removes excess oil without drying skin while ensuring a day-long oil-free feel.

And here’s a fun song which tells us why it’s time to #SayNoToBars and #SayYesToOilClear – bit.ly/StupidThingsMenDo .

So girls go ahead and bring a change in the men you care about because who doesn’t want their Man to have a kissable face :)


Strike A Balance Between Cosmetic And Natural Beauty Care

Posts by on June 24, 2014

We all use some or the other form of Cosmetics, be it by choice or out of necessity. By choice I refer to people who love to apply makeup and by necessity I refer to people who use makeup to conceal minor facial flaws.

Well using makeup is not a crime but the Big question is “How Much is enough”, keeping in mind the ill effects of all the chemicals used in these cosmetics on our skin and body. There can not be any definite measure of the bad effect of cosmetics because the effects vary from people to people, because of their varying skin type, climatic conditions, what they eat, how they live etc etc. On the other hand it has been proven several times that Natural ingredients are the best, so it is always better to use natural things as much as possible.

Avoid cosmetics and use best natural skin care products

I believe we should find a balance between the two so we can combat the wrong done by cosmetics with the goodness of natural ingredients. Here are few ways I would recommend to do so….

1. When you can’t avoid foundations and concealers and other makeup make sure to use olive oil and almond oil mix as your makeup remover instead of cosmetic one. Even the celebrities like Shilpa Shetty believe in using these oils as makeup remover

2. Put some effort and bid good bye to your daily face wash, instead use besan/gram flour to wash your face. You will immediately see how much your skin would love this. If besan dries off your skin use a moisturizer after this.

3. I know avoiding a shampoo is not possible because of time constraints but atleast we can do away with the conditioners. Replace it with lemon or vinegar rinse every time you wash your hair.

4. If you cannot do away with your morning cosmetic moisturizers try natural ingredients for night moisturizing atleast. The mixture of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water  has all the goodness to replenish and repair your skin at night.

5. There are so many products in the market which claim to cure under eye circles, puffiness and baggy eyes. I have tried a few and would say nothing works better than our age old formula of using almond oil or cucumber slices to beautify and sooth the eyes.

6. Besides these, rose water can be used as a toner, fresh milk is a very good cleanser and curd acts as an excellent tan remover.

We just need to be aware and we can find a solution to replace a lot of Cosmetics from our day to day life. So it’s your turn now to strike a Balance, are you ready?



5 Plants Worth Having In Your Home Garden For Beauty And Health

Posts by on June 5, 2014

So why I am saying “Grow your own beauty ingredients”, well there are many reasons for that:

1. Quality will be top notch with no or minimum pesticides and insecticides.
2. You get it fresh whenever you require it.
3. Most easily available and you do not have to rush to the market everytime.
4. The simple joy of growing it on your own, trust me you would love it.

5 Plants to have in home garden for beautiful skin

So the top 5 plants in my list which have myriads of beauty and health benefits and are worth growing in your home garden are as follows:

Cure acne with aloe vera

1. Aloe Vera – Apart from various health benefits Aloe vera acts as a great moisturizer and has anti-ageing properties because of several anti-oxidants which improve skin elasticity and prolong the appearance of wrinkles. It is also very effective in curing acne. Aloe vera is also used for dry scalp treatment and cure dandruff. Check out easy aloe vera storage method

How to use: Take out fresh aloe vera gel from the plant and apply it directly on the face and scalp to reap its benefits or consume it internally.

Curry leaves to prevent hair fall and hair greys

2. Curry Leaves - Curry leaves are very effective to cure hair loss and maintain natural color of hair. Curry leaves have vitamin B which helps restore color in our hair by nourishing and strengthening the roots and also promotes growth of new healthy hairs.

How to use: Make a paste of curry leaves and apply it on your hair scalp, Curd can also be mixed to improve consistency of the mixture. Curry leaves can also be consumed daily for fast effect. Curry leaf and coconut oil is used to prevent hair fall

Tulsi leaves for glowing skin and healthy body

3. Tulsi - Tulsi or holy basil has both health and beauty benefits. From being a great immunity booster to curing dandruff and itchy scalp to imparting a glowing and younger looking skin. It can do anything and is also believed to be anti-carcinogenic and helps treat some form of cancers, even breast cancer.

How to use: Add few tulsi leaves to your tea daily or consume it raw after washing properly. You can also make a paste of it and apply it directly or mix with curd or besan and apply it on your hair and face.

Mint leaves for blackhead removal and glowing skin

4. Mint - Mint helps in cleansing skin by absorbing excess of oils and thus clears off blackheads and reduces pimples and acne.

How to use: Make a paste of mint leaves and apply it on your face and leave it for 15 mins and then wash off. You can also make a paste of mint leaves with oats and apply it on face. Then before washing off gently massage your face to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin. You can even use mint with curd for glowing skin

Hibiscus for hair growth

5. Hibiscus - Hibiscus flowers which grow in abundance in India work wonders for hair. With regular use it takes care of many hair problems like prevents split ends and pre-mature greying of hair. It encourages hair growth and promotes thick hair.

How to use: Pluck fresh flowers and leaves and make  a paste of them and mix with curd and apply on hair. Wash off after 1 hour.

Besides these you can also grow Wheatgrass , lemon, tomato, coriander and use them in your beauty recipes.