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How to Choose Right Jewellery For Your Face Shape

Posts by on August 30, 2013

How to Choose Perfect Jewellery As per Your Face Shape

Jewellery adorns the beauty of your body. Hence, it is essential to choose the most suitable item that goes well with your facial contour. Quality fashion jewellery is being highly favored and preferred by the ultra-modern elegance-seeking lot of today. In this trendsetting scenario, where endorsements by celebrities become fashion, one must follow the trend keeping in mind what suits them the most. Keeping pace with contemporary fashion is good, but equally important is how well it complements your face and body structure. The way we look highly depends on the clothes, make-up and jewellery we wear. However, our accessories grab the most attention and hence highlight important features. Some non-suiting jewellery items can accentuate weaker areas and consequently lessen the impact of your make-up and clothes. Read on to acquire some interesting insight on how to choose the right Jewellery for your face shape-

 1-Round face

long-earring-for-round-shape face cut

If the length and width of your face is equal and the outer curve is circular, then yours is a round face-cut. Long and angular jewelery suits best on a round face. Dangle and long earrings help in reducing the roundness. Along with these, rectangular and square shaped jewellery also looks good on women with a round face.

Round earrings on the other hand will only highlight the roundness on one’s face and hence, she be avoided by those with a round face. Necklaces extending up to 32” inches below the neckline serve as the best bet to add definition on a rounded face.

2-Long face

stud-earring-for-long-face shape flower-shape-stud-for-long-face cut

If the length is greater than the width of your face, then you are long-faced individual. So, Long earrings and neck pieces will only elongate your look and accentuate the length of your face. Instead, go for graceful studs or simple chandeliers.

For earrings, you can also pick circular or triangle-shaped ones as these will give you a rounded look. Also, a choker will be the most suitable for a long neck.

3-Oval Face


This shape is indeed a gifted one. If you have it, you are lucky! All shapes and sizes of diamond jewellery can go well with an oval face as this is neither too long, nor too wide.

So simply go try and test every shape and see what suits you most. However, avoid wearing extremely long earrings as it can make your face look elongated.

4-Square face

dangle-earring-for-square-face cut

When the jaw line and chin are of the same width, it gives a square shape to your face. If you are one with such face then drop, dangle and curved earrings are best to bring out your hidden beauty.

Where hoops will give roundness, long or multi layered danglers will add length to your face.

5-Heart shape face

pyramid-shape-earring-for-heart shape face cut earring-for-heart-shape-face cut

If you have small chin, wide forehead, and prominent cheekbones, you have heart shaped face. Circular, Chandelier or triangular earrings will suit you best.

These shapes can accentuate your chin. A suitable keep for you will be pyramid shaped earrings along with a simple small neck chain. 

6-Diamond shape face


Wide cheekbone and a narrow jaw line are characteristic of diamond shaped face. Studs are a perfect option for one with this shape. Also, short and wide-styled earrings offer a good choice. Avoid jewellery with same shape and size. Choker in the neck can be a good contrast to the sharp angle of your chin.

So stand in front of the mirror, observe your face cut and choose the best option to reveal your beauty and grace.

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Tanishq Jewellery – Inara Collection

Posts by on August 5, 2013

Tanishq Jewellery – Inara Collection

Hello girlies,

Recently I saw the ad of Tanishq’s new bridal collection and was just awwwed by the designs. That moment only I knew I haveeee to try them out :) . So went to Tanishq store over this weekend and had a gala time there trying out all the dazzling diamond jewellery from Inara collection.

This is the same necklace which you can see in Tanishq Inara ad too…Tanishq Inara diamond jewelry

They have launched around 14-15 designs under this collection which include bridal sets with necklace and earring, pendant sets, rings, earrings, bangle. In this post I would share the pictures of all the jewellery sets which I checked out in Inara collection.

Tanishq Inara diamond jewellery set


Tanishq Inara diamond jewellery set

There are both light weight and heavy necklaces to fit into your requirement and also budget. The necklaces have a delicate feminine look and beautiful designs, ready to go with Indian bridal attire and also party dresses.



Tanishq Inara diamond jewellery set

Me captured in the frame :)

tanishq diamond inara collection

There’s more to come soon, stay tuned….

18 Classy Chandelier Earrings Design Ideas

Posts by on June 13, 2010

Women have always been crazy for chandelier earrings and so dangle earring have always been a major part of there earring collection. Hanging earring go well with both traditional and modern outfit. You get wide range of options to choose from, you can select one made of diamond, pearl,colored gems or any artificial stones.

Here I get to you some lovely chandelier earring ideas which you can use while designing for your piece…

1)Elegant silver and blue dangle earring

Elegant silver and blue dangle earring

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