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Intricate Handmade Jewellery – My New Fond Love

Posts by on January 24, 2014

I believe Jewellery is a very personal thing and a distinct way to portray our style and individuality. And in today’s world of mass machine production it becomes all the more important to maintain one’s distinct style. Handmade jewellery is the answer to this as they have personal touch, character, quality which brings a status and importance of its own.

artisan making handmade jewellery Artisan making jewellery at Psquare

Recently I came to know about one such handmade jewellery brand ‘Psquare‘, established by twin sisters Priya and Priyanka. They started this brand with a vision to create an exciting, curated destination of handmade jewellery where consumers could shop, get inspired and find unique products which suit their style and liking. They specialize in making statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

coral and pearl statement necklace

Coral and pearl statement necklace


Dynamite statement necklaceDynamite statement necklace

Bug inspired statement necklace Bug inspired statement necklace

I personally like their products for the minute detailing and the intricate work done on every piece of jewellery which makes them stand out. Each jewellery is first designed by Priya and Priyanka and then handmade by expert artisans who give attention to every details. The Coral Reef statement necklace is my most favorite among their collection, the combination of corals and pearls makes it so suitable for my style.

night mirror statement necklace

Night mirror statement necklace

Forever Together Sea Horse necklace

Forever Together Sea Horse necklace

Their company UMEHOME has been exporting their exclusive handmade jewellery to top brands globally and now it’s available for sale in India also. So if you also want to get a handmade jewelry to make your own statement you can contact them at Priyapalecanda@umehome.in or on their office contact number 02265344006.

Tanishq Jewellery – Inara Collection

Posts by on August 5, 2013

Tanishq Jewellery – Inara Collection

Hello girlies,

Recently I saw the ad of Tanishq’s new bridal collection and was just awwwed by the designs. That moment only I knew I haveeee to try them out :) . So went to Tanishq store over this weekend and had a gala time there trying out all the dazzling diamond jewellery from Inara collection.

This is the same necklace which you can see in Tanishq Inara ad too…Tanishq Inara diamond jewelry

They have launched around 14-15 designs under this collection which include bridal sets with necklace and earring, pendant sets, rings, earrings, bangle. In this post I would share the pictures of all the jewellery sets which I checked out in Inara collection.

Tanishq Inara diamond jewellery set


Tanishq Inara diamond jewellery set

There are both light weight and heavy necklaces to fit into your requirement and also budget. The necklaces have a delicate feminine look and beautiful designs, ready to go with Indian bridal attire and also party dresses.



Tanishq Inara diamond jewellery set

Me captured in the frame :)

tanishq diamond inara collection

There’s more to come soon, stay tuned….

Jewelry Love – Silk cord necklace

Posts by on July 23, 2013

Jewelry Love – Silk cord necklace

Hello girlies hope you are doing good,

I have never been a fan of heavy neckpieces because my neck feels somehow loaded and uncomfortable in them. I have always loved light weight, trendy and colorful pieces, they are so my thing. So when I saw this particular silk cord necklace at Mother Earth  store I had to try it out. It  is made of multi colored cords made of silk thread and is super duper light weight, so much so that you will forget that you are wearing anything :) .It fits also pretty beautifully on the neck.

silk cord necklace jewelry

This one was priced also quite reasonably at Rs 349, what else would be ask for such a pretty piece. I tried it on a printed top but it would also look awesome on plain colored tops or dresses bringing all the attention to the neck.  Hope you liked it….

13 Funky designer necklaces

Posts by on June 4, 2010

Hey girls have you bought a new trendy dress and confuse on what type of jewelery to wear??

Then you can try out some funky designer necklaces instead of adding loads of extra jewelery. It not only looks good and fashionable but also adds to your style.
I found out some lovely collection of colorful modern necklaces at ZEMIS.com which you can add to your collection for sure…


Red block necklace


Black necklace


Multi color necklace


Glittering red necklace


Black necklace


Black necklace


Beautiful red necklace

8 )

Black necklace


Designer necklace


Red green blue necklace


Brown necklace


Black necklace


Yellow necklace