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Current Crush –Secret Of My Baby Soft Skin

Posts by on January 10, 2014

I have heard a lot of good reviews about Body Shop products from some of my friends but never really thought of trying it, somehow could not convince myself for the high prices of there products. Until recently when Abhishek gifted me Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter because he knows how much I love to pamper my dry skin during winters.

body-shop-cocoa-butter-body butter


And since then I am just feeling blessed, my skin is Baby soft like never before. The Body butter is super hydrating and once applied it goes good long 24 hours for me, I do not need to reapply it again and again. And the good thing is inspite of being so hydrating it is not at all heavy for the skin and gets absorbed within minutes of application. I am all happy happy and waiting for this tub to get over soon so that I can try other variants of Body Butter too :)

maybelline-color-show-nail paints

The other thing which is making me happy these days is the wide range of colors available in Maybelline COLOR SHOW nail paints. They are available in quite affordable price which gives me luxury to buy more nail paints to try out different shades and nail art designs, you see I am still in the learning phase :) . Recently I tried this nail art by giving sponge effect of yellow nail paint over a teal color nail paint, quick and easy it is, goes well with denim look.



Soulflower Bath Salt Review

Soulflower Green Tea and Tangerine Bath Salt

You come back from work tired and exhausted with an aching body,laden with perspiration. A warm refreshing and luxurious bath is all you need! Aye! Aye! Here’s the answer to a luxurious, aromatic bath at home-Soulflower Bath Salt!

I am blessed with young, Dry, Moody skin which always chaps after a bath, leaving back itchy skin which has to be heavily moisturized. Well, now that i am using this bath salt from Soulflower, i have no complains-Yipeeeeeeeee! So here we go-Let me share my experience with Soulflower Green tea and Tangerine bath salt with Stylebees’ readers :)

soulflower bath salt

This Bath Salt from Soulflower comes in a super cute elegant packaging which gives it a very earthy and Natural look! ^_^ The ingredients used are clearly mentioned at the back of the bottle. The salt is Yellow in color, pertaining to which the water in the bucket turns yellow as well.

It has this very mild and sweet aroma which smells something like orange Rasna and fresh lime and it is not harsh on the nose. I just loved it’s smell to the core-Reminded me of my childhood days when i used to drink  Rasna *Ah!The good old days!*

soulflower bath salt

It looks like ‘mota namak’ dipped in mango juice ^_^ Yummmm!

soulflower bath salt

FLAVOUR: Green tea and tangerine mix

PRICE:  350 for 400G

soulflower bath salt

Give Life To Your Dry Skin

Posts by on January 22, 2013

banana and honey face pack for dry itchy skin on face

This winter you need not worry about dry skin problem because you can use a very handy home made Banana and Honey face pack. Both banana and honey are very good natural moisturizer which leave the skin looking and feeling very soft. For the pack take a ripe banana and mask it, then add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and mix them together. Apply it on your face and let it remain for 15-20 minutes and then wash off thoroughly.

This is how the pack appearing after mixing together, I used a really ripe banana to ease the mashing. Make sure you mash banana properly to avoid small pieces while applying the pack. Check out tip for treating dry skin with cream HERE

face pack for dry itchy skin on face 2