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5 Plants Worth Having In Your Home Garden For Beauty And Health

Posts by on June 5, 2014

So why I am saying “Grow your own beauty ingredients”, well there are many reasons for that:

1. Quality will be top notch with no or minimum pesticides and insecticides.
2. You get it fresh whenever you require it.
3. Most easily available and you do not have to rush to the market everytime.
4. The simple joy of growing it on your own, trust me you would love it.

5 Plants to have in home garden for beautiful skin

So the top 5 plants in my list which have myriads of beauty and health benefits and are worth growing in your home garden are as follows:

Cure acne with aloe vera

1. Aloe Vera – Apart from various health benefits Aloe vera acts as a great moisturizer and has anti-ageing properties because of several anti-oxidants which improve skin elasticity and prolong the appearance of wrinkles. It is also very effective in curing acne. Aloe vera is also used for dry scalp treatment and cure dandruff. Check out easy aloe vera storage method

How to use: Take out fresh aloe vera gel from the plant and apply it directly on the face and scalp to reap its benefits or consume it internally.

Curry leaves to prevent hair fall and hair greys

2. Curry Leaves – Curry leaves are very effective to cure hair loss and maintain natural color of hair. Curry leaves have vitamin B which helps restore color in our hair by nourishing and strengthening the roots and also promotes growth of new healthy hairs.

How to use: Make a paste of curry leaves and apply it on your hair scalp, Curd can also be mixed to improve consistency of the mixture. Curry leaves can also be consumed daily for fast effect. Curry leaf and coconut oil is used to prevent hair fall

Tulsi leaves for glowing skin and healthy body

3. Tulsi – Tulsi or holy basil has both health and beauty benefits. From being a great immunity booster to curing dandruff and itchy scalp to imparting a glowing and younger looking skin. It can do anything and is also believed to be anti-carcinogenic and helps treat some form of cancers, even breast cancer.

How to use: Add few tulsi leaves to your tea daily or consume it raw after washing properly. You can also make a paste of it and apply it directly or mix with curd or besan and apply it on your hair and face.

Mint leaves for blackhead removal and glowing skin

4. Mint – Mint helps in cleansing skin by absorbing excess of oils and thus clears off blackheads and reduces pimples and acne.

How to use: Make a paste of mint leaves and apply it on your face and leave it for 15 mins and then wash off. You can also make a paste of mint leaves with oats and apply it on face. Then before washing off gently massage your face to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin. You can even use mint with curd for glowing skin

Hibiscus for hair growth

5. Hibiscus – Hibiscus flowers which grow in abundance in India work wonders for hair. With regular use it takes care of many hair problems like prevents split ends and pre-mature greying of hair. It encourages hair growth and promotes thick hair.

How to use: Pluck fresh flowers and leaves and make  a paste of them and mix with curd and apply on hair. Wash off after 1 hour.

Besides these you can also grow Wheatgrass , lemon, tomato, coriander and use them in your beauty recipes.

A Proven Magic Potion For Fair And Glowing Skin

Posts by on January 14, 2014

While I was talking to my mom yesterday she inquired from me in a concerned tone whether or not I still use the magic potion she used to prepare for me during winters. This potion which she referred is kind of a skin tonic I can say, it was a regular thing in my home but during winters it was a must. At home during winters we love to sit in the sun and thus get tanning issues, so we used this potion regularly to remove tan and get glowing and fair skin. It also makes the skin soft and prevents drying and cracking of the skin.


But since few years being involved in so many other things, I somehow forgot about it altogether. Today I made sure I make some for myself and also write about it :)


So for this potion you would need lemon juice, rose water, glycerin. Mix 1 portion of  lemon juice and 1 portion of rose water to 1/2 portion of glycerin and store it in a clean glass bottle. You can increase the amount of glycerin and make it equal to lemon if you want to make it more thick, I find the potion very sticky for me if I add more glycerin. I generally make the quantity which lasts me for atleast 2 weeks and then again make the fresh lot because the lemon starts to smell after that. You can even add 4-5 drops of almond oil to it to make it stay longer or even refrigerate it for that matter.


You can apply this potion anywhere, on your face, hands, feet but make sure you avoid stepping out in dust or sun after you have applied it. It is always better if you apply it during night time after washing with a soap. People who are sensitive to lemon or have acne issue should test it for few days on their hands and then use it accordingly on their face.

Go Nuts Over Nuts

Posts by on May 11, 2013

health benefits of dried fruits

5 Nuts to keep you healthy and beautiful

Do you feel that in today’s busy schedule your daily nutritional needs are not fulfilled by the regular food you eat??? You are often required to take vitamin supplements???
Hmmm…then I would say cultivate this daily habit and see the difference in your health and skin and a assurance for better health in future also. Just make a habit of eating these 5 dried fruits daily, I generally have 2 almonds, 2 dates, 2 pistachios, 1 walnut and 1 cashew. These handful of assorted nuts combine together to fulfill your nutritional needs. You can adjust the amount as per your needs but remember moderation and regularity here is the key.

Health and skin benefits of dried fruits:


  1. Good for brain and boost the memory.
  2. Has Omega-3 fatty acids which helps keep our skin healthy and supple.Also reduces skin breakouts.
  3. Has copper which erases wrinkles and improves skin elasticity.


  1. Has Vitamin E which is a food for the skin thus nourishing it and keeping it healthy.
  2. It reduces the acne appearance and also blackheads and whiteheads.


  1. Has anti-oxidants which help fight the evil of today’s age the Free Radicals.
  2. Are a rich source of B Vitamins which help to keep skin healthy, promotes healthy hair and also tones muscle.


  1. Has loads of plant protein which helps to fulfill a part of our daily protein need.
  2. Has most of the vitamins and calcium and iron.


  1. Great source of Vitamin E so helps to maintain skin health.
  2. Has 2 carotenoids which are found in rare nuts. This helps in keeping our eyes healthy and prevents any age-related eye degeneration.

Remember these nuts should complement your daily food and not replace them. I mix all large quantity of all 5 nuts together and store in a box on my dining table and have them the first thing in morning, how would you prefer to have them, any suggestions are invited

Here’s a chart for your quick view of the vitamins and main nutrition which nuts have

health benefits of dried fruits 2

Vitamins and Nutrition’s in these nuts

Nutritional chart data source – www.wikipedia.com


Orange Magic For Your Skin

Posts by on February 3, 2013

Well this is the season of oranges and you should utilize it to fullest. Besides drinking orange juice for healthy and glowing skin you can directly use it in your beauty regime in 2 easy ways:

1- Facial scrub and polisher – After eating the oranges keep there peel and dry them in sun shade for few days. After they are fully dried with no moisture, grind them and store it in a jar(they should become chips like when fully dried). Take 1-2 spoon of this powder when needed and add some milk to it to make paste of medium consistency. Apply it on face and body and scrub off after 10 minutes by applying water.

This treatment exfoliates the skin and reduces blemishes and dark spots on face and gives instant glow to skin.

2- Facial toner Take 2 spoon of water and add 1 spoon orange juice to it. Then apply it on your face and leave for sometime. This homemade natural skin toner helps tightening the skin and pores and removes excess oil.


3 ingredients for Glowing n Clear Skin

Posts by on January 17, 2010

Glowing and clear skin is something which all of us have dreamt of since our childhood. As we past through different stages of our life our skin also matures and we need to take more care of it with time.

In today’s busy life it’s very hard to maintain a beautiful skin. People do opt to go to parlours and shell out good amount of money as a quick remedy but many times this also doesn’t help. The parlour treatments are often short lived and many times gives way to many side effects too.

Here’s a quick tip to get a glowing skin which just needs 3 things from your kitchen :)
1-Besan(gram flour) – It is very good for skin, it cleans and scrubs the skin.
2-Honey – It is a natural moisturizer and helps your skin maintain it’s softness, suppleness and elasticity.
3-Curd- It cleanses and gives shine to skin.

Go grab a bowl and take around 2 spoons of besan(gram flour) into it. Add to it 1/2 spoon of honey and 1/2 spoon of curd to it. Now mix it properly, incase the paste is thick for applying on face add some more curd to it and mix. Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for 10 minutes to dry. Then go and wash your face and pat dry it.

Apply this face pack daily and you can see the result in just 7 days. For saving time you can make the paste for a week and keep it in your fridge and apply it daily.

So what are you waiting for go try it and see the difference!!!

glowing skin tips