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Love Long Hair – Secret Revealed

Posts by on March 12, 2014

Wow after a longgg wait for 2 weeks, finally I got to know the secret behind the “Love Long Hair” range for which I was doing a Blind Test. Couple of minutes back got a mail in my inbox from the brand revealing that it is actually the new Garnier Fructis Long & Strong range.

LoveLonghair3 (2)

No doubt I am quite liking this range as I have always been a fan of Garnier Fructis :)

Love Long Hair Range Final Review

Posts by on March 11, 2014

Well friends it has been now around two weeks since I have been using the Love Long Hair” range shampoo and conditioner. I think though it is not long enough to gauge completely any product but it definitely helps to make a fair opinion.

This range is going good for my medium length straight hair as after every wash my hair feels softer and silkier. It also cleans the hair very well in two washes(even oiled hair), because inspite of lot of sweating these days due to exercising I manage to wash my hair only twice a week and that works fine(for the records I have normal hair type).

love long hair range blind test

Selfie :), my hair feels soft and silky after using Love Long Hair Range

I stay in an apartment where we get water from tankers, which is very hard in nature and causes severe hair fall. Currently I am using RO water for hair wash which has considerably reduced hair fall. Lets see how much this range would help to cure hair fall as it is too early to comment on that.

Now I am waiting eagerly to find out the brand of “Love Long Hair” range :)

Going Good With Love Long Hair Range

Posts by on March 7, 2014


Here I am back again with my experience with “Love Long Hair Range” for which I am doing a Blind Test. As of today I have used “Love Long Hair” shampoo and conditioner twice on my hair and I am quite happy with it.

love long hair shampoo and conditioner blind test

The shampoo has got a mild smell, just the perfect one for me. It is of medium consistency, not too runny(which makes the shampoo little bit difficult to use) and neither too thick . I have used it once on oiled hair and once on normal hair and it has cleansed well both the times. I rarely use any conditioners because I feel it weighs down my hair but I went ahead and tried this one in small quantities and found it decent.

Overall I felt my hair became smooth and silky after washing with ‘Love Long Hair’ range of shampoo and conditioner. Going to try this range for few more days to see how it fares in long run, stay tuned for more updates :)

The Blind Test Begins!

Posts by on February 27, 2014

Hi friends,

How is the week coming along for you people??? Mine has started on a very exciting note. Guess what, yesterday afternoon my doorbell rang and the courier guy handed me a package, took my signatures and went off. I kept wondering what it was until I opened it up….

Love Long Hair blind test sample

There in the package was a cute white box with “Love Long Hair” printed on it which contains a shampoo and conditioner bottle with a message. After searching a little bit more I recovered a letter which read to me that I have been selected for a Blind Test of a shampoo and a conditioner. Basically for this test I would have to try out the shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks and see how it works for my hair and let the brand know the results when they approach me.

the blind test box

Love Long Hair shampoo and conditioner for Blind test

Sounds exciting and fun to me as I love trying out new stuff, this one is bit more exciting as I am unaware of the brand so no fear of getting prejudice here. So I have already oiled my hair so that I can try the shampoo and conditioner tomorrow only :)

The message on the box reads “A Hair Care Range that makes you LOVE YOUR LONG HAIR!” , let’s see how well they fare on their claim.

Keep watching this space to check how this range worked for me…


Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Posts by on June 4, 2013

I was never a believer that oils can do any good to our hair except giving it little shine. But I was proved so wrong… My one year old daughter was having very slow hair growth, her hairs were quite thin also even after 4 months of getting her head shaved.

have healthy hair growth

It so happened that one day one of my elderly aunt visited us. She was quite surprised at seeing my daughter’s hair and she asked me to try one home remedy for hair growth for her. I was not sure if it would work but I tried reluctantly since it did not have any side effect as it was all natural.
best essential oils for hair growth

So here’s the secret, we need to take equal quantity of 4 essential oil and mix them up and then apply to our hair and scalp. The oils are:

1-Castor Oil

It is very good for hair growth and prevents thinning of hair. It promotes certain cellular activities which help in hair growth.

2-Almond Oil

It is highly rich in Vitamin E thus nourishes the hair  promoting hair growth and preventing hair fall. Check out hair loss treatment here

3-Olive Oil

It is rich in anti-oxidants thus fights hair loss and does deep nourishing of hair

4-Coconut Oil

It fights dandruff, prevents hair thinning and promotes hair growth.

oil good for hair growth

Now I oil my daughter’s hair every day with this hair mixture and I am surprised to see the change. Her hair has grown considerably in 1 months duration and they have become more dense and silkier. Here’s a photo of her taken on her 1st birth day and then after 1 month. The photo might not be able to show you the exact difference clearly but you will see it yourself once you try. Just make a mixture of these oils and store in a clean glass bottle and use it regularly.

Do share with us how this oil recipe helped you get your dream locks…

Charm Your Hair With Accessories

Posts by on August 17, 2011

Charm Your Hair With Accessories

1)Stylish broad hair band

Stylish broad hair band

2)Hair band with multiple jeweled strands

Hair accessories

3)Thin hair band tied back in zig-zag way

Thin hair band tied back in zig-zag way
4)Hair band with small flower

hair accessories
5)Big red flower on bun

hair accessories
6)Small flowers on two sides of head with curly open hair

hair accessories
7)Multiple small flowers on side of bun

hair accessories

8)Bun with small flowers

hair accessories
9)Side leafy accessory

hair accessories
10)Small flower pins tucked as hair band

hair accessories
11)Side clutch for hair bun

hair accessories
12)Small flower accessory tucked in hair plait

hair accessories
13)Bun beautification

hair accessories
14)Party hair pin chignon

hair accessories

Photo courtesy: The credit for the photographs goes to there respective owner.