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Current Crush –Secret Of My Baby Soft Skin

Posts by on January 10, 2014

I have heard a lot of good reviews about Body Shop products from some of my friends but never really thought of trying it, somehow could not convince myself for the high prices of there products. Until recently when Abhishek gifted me Body Shop Cocoa Butter Body Butter because he knows how much I love to pamper my dry skin during winters.

body-shop-cocoa-butter-body butter


And since then I am just feeling blessed, my skin is Baby soft like never before. The Body butter is super hydrating and once applied it goes good long 24 hours for me, I do not need to reapply it again and again. And the good thing is inspite of being so hydrating it is not at all heavy for the skin and gets absorbed within minutes of application. I am all happy happy and waiting for this tub to get over soon so that I can try other variants of Body Butter too :)

maybelline-color-show-nail paints

The other thing which is making me happy these days is the wide range of colors available in Maybelline COLOR SHOW nail paints. They are available in quite affordable price which gives me luxury to buy more nail paints to try out different shades and nail art designs, you see I am still in the learning phase :) . Recently I tried this nail art by giving sponge effect of yellow nail paint over a teal color nail paint, quick and easy it is, goes well with denim look.



Wish You a Very Happy and Stylish New Year

Posts by on January 1, 2014

Wish you all a very happy, healthy and glorious New Year 2014. With all the good memories of the year 2013 that went by I am looking forward to 2014 to unfold it’s surprises. Well the year that went by was very special one for me, wherein I took a big decision to bid by years long software career a goodbye and pursue my dream in fashion and beauty blogging. hmmm lots to be done and lots to be said in coming year :)

Happy new year wishes


Since today is New Year so it got to be celebrated and needed something special for dressing too. And being a Lucknowi at heart couldn’t think of anything better than my favorite Lucknow Chikan anarkali suit. Chikankari is an intricate and artfully done hand embroidery on a variety of textile fabric like muslin, silk, chiffon, organza, net etc. Originally white thread was used to do embroidery on cool light shades of cotton garments but nowadays chikan work is also done with coloured and silk threads in contrast colours to make trendy pieces

anarkali salwar kameez

lucknow chikankari embroidery

I picked this anarkali kurta on my last trip to Lucknow as I just fell in love with the red color and gorgeous chikankari embroidery around the neck, paired with brocade borders. I am so much in love with anarkali dresses these days, I think they are very comfortable to wear and quite flattering for the occasions. I kept the accessories to minimal with only paisley shaped or buta shaped earrings and some fun red and golden polka dots nail art.

lucknow chikan suit

designer earring

red and golden nail art



Chikan anarkali kurta – Nazrana Chikan Store, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow

Earring – Justjhumka


The Playing Cards Nail Art

Posts by on July 22, 2013

The Playing Cards Nail Art

Hey gals, I’m Vidhi and I wanted to share with you all a nail art I recently created! I’m a nail art addict and creator of many such cute and sexy designs.

Playing card nail art 2

This nail art is particularly awesome if you are planning to go to a casino or maybe just having a poker night with your close friends. THE PLAYING CARDS nail art!! Awesome right?  Yep I love it too. Here is how you do it..

Things you need:

  1. Ranara Base coat.
  2. White nail polish.
  3. Black nail polish.
  4. Red nail polish.
  5. Toothpicks.
  6. Asepta Top coat.


  1. To draw a heart shape easily, make a  ‘<’ vertically first and then make a ‘3’. Fill in for a perfect heart.
  2. To draw a club shape easily, draw three dots (one in the center and two below).Fill in the spaces between the dots.
  3. To draw a spade easily, draw a heart first and just make a line from the center of the’3’.
  4. To draw a diamond easily make two inverted triangles and fill in the inside of the triangles.

Step One: Apply base coat to protect your natural nails. It’s mandatory because it protects your nail from staining.

Step Two: Apply two coats of white polish and allow it to dry.

Playing card nail art 1


Step Three: Using a toothpick dipped in black polish make a rough club shaped outline at the middle of the nail. Fill in the inside once you get your desired design.

Write ‘A’ at two ends of the nail. Do two very small clubs below the ‘A’ (if it’s too difficult for you, just put two small dots below the ‘A’)

Step Four: Using another toothpick dipped in red nail polish, make a diamond at the center of one nail and a heart at the center of other. Write ‘A’ similar to how we did in step three.

Playing card nail art 2


Thus our Ace of Diamonds, hearts and clubs are ready.

Step Five: For the two of spade, dip the toothpick in black polish and do two spades pointing opposite directions. Write ‘2’ on opposite corners of your nail and do a very small spade below it.

Step Six: For the four of diamonds, dip a new toothpick in red polish and draw four diamonds. Try to make the diamonds equally sized. Write ’4’ at opposite ends of the nail.

Playing card nail art 2


Step Seven: Applying top coat is essential here. This gives your nail art a finished shiny look and prevents it from chipping away.

Products used for this nail art:

1. RANARA BASE COAT. Buy here.





I hope you all loved this nail art and can’t wait to try it on!

For many such cute and creative nail art tutorials and other makeup and beauty tips, visit my website www.gonetrendy.com . Hoping to see you there J  Adios!

17 Colorful And Easy Nail Art Designs For Summers

Posts by on May 29, 2013

Are you bored of your old nail paints or just not in mood to flaunt the same boring single tone nail paint style??  But don’t worry we get to you some very easy and colorful nail art designs you can try this summer. These are so simple and lovely that you would even want to do nail art for your kids and friends…Check them out-

1)Green base color with yellow and pink polka dots

colorful and easy nail art designs for this summer , polka dots nail art

2) Say ‘I Love You’ with your nail paint

colorful and easy nail art designs for this summer

3)Bright and beautiful indigo and pink color combination

colorful and easy nail art designs for this summer

4)Evergreen combination of black and golden, just simple horizontal stripes

colorful and easy nail art designs for this summer

5)Red and white stripes on a single nail, this will never look over done

colorful and easy nail art designs for this summer

Nail Art I – 22 Interesting designs

Posts by on May 16, 2010

Bored of same single tone nail paints, then it’s time to try out some interesting nail art designs. You can get the nail art done from some professionals or even try out some simple ones at home. There are various ways to design your nails, you can try put some nail stickers, put some glitter or even make some design.


Nail art design 1


Nail art design 2

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