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A Happy Day and my Floral Saree

Posts by on February 29, 2016

A floral saree to enjoy spring seasonAs soon as I got ready today morning with lot of fuzziness, immediately my daughter came to me and said “Mumma aaj bahut achchi lag rahi ho” (mummy you look very good today). Even though today was her day as it is her school’s annual function but her compliment made my day also special.

Back at my daughter’s school last week when teacher’s and kids were busy practising for the dance, the mother’s gang too was busy discussing what to wear :) . We all decided to come dressed in a saree. I decided to wear this pink chiffon saree which seemed apt for this casual day event. I had picked up this saree while shopping with my mother in law when she was in Bangalore, although I am not a regular saree wearer but I love to add pretty pieces to my collection.

Printed chiffon saree for summer day

Pink Printed casual wear saree

So what is special about this saree, I will say nothing! It’s a simple pink saree with beautiful red floral prints and that’s what attracted me. It is also so light weight and easy to wear I feel like I am roaming around in jeans and T-shirt. Now it could be just my imagination but I also feel it makes me look bit slim too because of its chiffon material. As the saree was simple I had the flexibility to add a pearl drop statement necklace with it without looking too dressy for the occassion.

And for my daughter’s dance function, she rocked it and danced happily to the tunes of Happy Song by Pharrell Williams. While I too danced sitting among the audience enjoying the beautiful day it was.

How to style a printed saree with accessories

How-to-look-slim-in-saree  Rose print saree for kids annual day function

Outfit Details:

Saree – Srirangam Textiles, HSR Layout, Sector 7, Bangalore

Pink Necklace – details on Jewelsome.com

What’s Stopping You From Wearing Sarees?

Posts by on April 4, 2015

I hear many of my friends say “I love saree but it’s too much time taking” or “I wish I could wear my sarees but I don’t find any occasion/chance” etc. I also thought so until on day my love for sarees overcame all these excuses and I opened my Saree boxes to wear them again.

Don’t wait for any special occasion to wear Sarees, just wear them up whenever you feel like and slowly you wouldn’t think twice before wearing them up. You can wear them for your day to day outing whenever it does not involve lot of running around here and there.  Here are 5 occasions you can tie a saree casually:

  1. Office functions or special days in office.
  2. Dinner dates
  3. Visiting a friend
  4. Birthday parties, Kid’s school function
  5. Mall visits or window shopping

Like any other dress wearing a saree is also no rocket science, it’s only a matter of practice and patience and soon you can tie a saree in no more than 5-10 minutes like I do. Just know the basic drapes and later you can play around with them to suit your style. So instead of waiting endlessly for ‘The Day’ to come, take out those silks and cotton and chiffons ‘Now’ and wear them again with love and pride.

Going by the same thought I loved wearing my favorite pink silk saree to a recent function at hubby’s office. This is my wedding reception saree and I love it so much that I can’t get enough of it and want to wear it again again styling differently :).

Pink bridal silk saree with golden work and border Silk saree design for weddings Mysore Silk Udyog wedding saree

Here are some quick tips for wearing saree which can come in handy for beginners:

1. Take help from internet, check on video’s which show “How to tie a saree”, “How to make Saree Pallu” Here’s an easy one:

2. Personally I find Silk and Cotton sarees easy to wear rather than synthetic one’s. So it’s advisable to stick to easy wearing sarees in the beginning and then move on to others.

3. Pleat’s making is the most challenging part of wearing a saree but luckily there are some products available in the market which can help. Pleat’s Maker by SareeSaheli is one of them. Even a small sized ruler can be used to get even sized pleats.

4. Remember to wear your footwear/heels before tieing the saree to avoid last minute adjustment for incorrect saree length.

5. Use safety pins to secure the pleats and pallu until you are confident you can do without them.

Outfit Details:

Saree – Bought from MysoreSareeUdyog, Jayanagar, 4th Block, Bangalore

The saree has a simple yet grand feel without addition of much blings, it has golden thread work allover and golden shimmering border. The quality of this silk saree is very good as it remains the same even after 6 years with minimal care.

Necklace – Local shop in Banda

Picked this Polki necklace randomly because I liked the simple chain design and the line of small pearls attached with it.

Going Ethnic Crazy At Bangalore Fashion Week

Posts by on August 11, 2014

This week has been quite happening for me attending Bangalore Fashion Week’s 11th Edition organised by Myntra at Sheraton Bangalore. It was a glamorous week with a high dose of fashion and style :).

On the final day of the show I dressed up in a Saree as I was representing Trivenisarees there. If you have been regular on my blog you would remember me dressing in Trivenisarees yellow and pink anarkali salwar kurta  also sometime back. They are my favorite online brand for ethnic wear shopping.

Styling in saree for Bangalore Fashion Week

Tri color saree with embroidery in purple, pink and beige

I chose this saree because of it’s tri color – beige, pink and purple which gives it a vibrant vibe which suited the atmosphere of the fashion week. The matching purple color embroidery near the bottom of the saree adds to the beauty. This saree is also very comfortable to wear on account of being light weight and tieing it also doesn’t take much of time.

Styling in Tri color Saree  at Bangalore Fashion Week

Purple color embroidery on beige and pink saree

Though I am not a very heel loving person on a regular basis, but I do prefer wearing heels for sarees as it adds to the look. But if you are planning to attend some function make sure you choose the most comfortable pair of heels so you do not have any difficulties managing both saree and heels.

Saree fashion at  at Bangalore Fashion Week

Loved the Day and Night collection presented by fashion designer Debarun Mukherjee and I am so happy to get a picture with him also :)

Debarun Mukherjee and Swati Singh at Bangalore Fashion Week

Now some family time with dear hubby and darling daughter…

Swati and family at Bangalore Fashion Week



Dreaming Of Silks And Sarees

Posts by on June 26, 2014

My love for Silk Sarees is inherited from my mother. I still remember during my childhood days Gandhi Ashram in Lucknow used to sell pure silk sarees and my mother went there often. I would love accompanying her there and while she would be busy doing her purchase I would sit in one corner and enjoy touching and feeling the soft, slippery, silky texture of the sarees. Something inside me wished then to have my own collection of beautiful silk sarees someday.

bridal silk saree Bangalore

Luckily because of my IT job I landed in Bangalore – ‘Silk City’ and my most cherished Dream of possessing beautiful ‘Silk Sarees’ came true. I guess it’s no wonder I did most of the saree shopping for my marriage from Bangalore only :).

In Bangalore when it comes to silk saree shopping, one of my favorite places to go is Angadi Silks. They are one of the oldest in Bangalore and have got some of the most authentic and beautiful sarees in various styles and prices. I love this pink saree which I bought from Angadi silk for it’s sheer simplicity and beautiful golden zari work. I have it for 5 years now and it looks as good as new even today, I guess that explains how good is the quality of silk.

Angadi Bangalore Silk saree with zari work

Saree fashion with golden jewellery

I have heard many people complain not being comfortable wearing a silk saree. But for me I find them very easy to wear and do not need any second person to help me also. Some saree pins here and there and I am good to go for hours in silk sarees :)

indian wedding dresses

Indian attire with golden accessories

Pink silk saree with golden zari work

Outfit Details:
Saree – Angadi Silk
Earring – Maayra (from Flipkart)
Earring and Bangles – Lifestyle
Sandal – Khadims
Batua – Local shop in bangalore

Angadi Silks
5th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka
Phone:080 2663 8034

15 Pink Dresses: Saree

Posts by on May 30, 2010

Pink is one of the favorite color of girls and they are always biased for this color. So when it comes to choosing saree for a party definitely this color scores over other colors. So here are some of the pretty pink sarees of my choice which you can consider when going for shopping next…

1) Pink chiffon saree with heavy zari work

Pink chiffon saree with heavy zari work

2) Sushmita Sen wearing a gorgeous pink saree

Sushmita Sen wearing a gorgeous pink saree

3) Pretty Pink Saree with heavy embroidery

Pretty Pink Saree

4) Beautiful pink saree with light golden border and dots

Beautiful pink saree with light golden border and dots

5) Smart pink saree with prints

Smart pink saree with prints

6) Pink saree with embroidered booti’s

Pink saree with embroidered booti's

7) Kangana wearing a light pink saree

Kangana wearing a light pink saree

8 ) Pink and light green combination saree

Pink and light green combination saree

9) Pink saree with silver colored work done

Pink saree with silver colored work done

10) Pink silk saree

Pink silk saree

11) Pink saree with yellow flowers all over

Pink saree with yellow flowers all over

12) Pink saree with grey border

Pink saree with grey border

13) Pink georgette saree

Pink georgette saree

14) Pink saree with multi colors

Pink saree with multi colors

15) Pink saree with multi color work

Pink saree with multi color work