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Doing It Bengali Style

Posts by on October 6, 2014

First of all Happy Dussehra everybody, hope you had loads of fun and celebration on this Dussehra. As for me I had great relaxing time with family given the super long weekend we had this Dussehra along with Garba celebration with friends.

This has happened with me several times that people approach me simply asking if I am Bengali and they kinda of get disappointed after knowing I am not, I don’t know if it is something with my face or not sure. So I thought why not tie my saree like a Bengali for Dussehra celebration and let you decide if I do look like a Bong or did I miss something in my dressing :)

Red bindi and cream and red saree styling

Bengali style saree in cream and red color

I wore this cream, red saree with golden border and matched with a red blouse(didn’t use the same color blouse provided with saree) to get the red and white kinda effect. I was not sure how this big red Bindi would look on my face but now I would say I do not have any complains…

Indian saree wearing style

Cream, red and golden saree from Soch studio bangalore

Bengali style saree tying

Outfit Details:

Saree: Soch

This is a fine georgette saree with golden/reddish dots all over the saree and a golden border. It is very light weight and comfortable to wear. You can style in with golden accessories too for party kind of look too.

Accessories: Hazratganj in Lucknow

25 mind blowing ways to tie your saree

Posts by on May 12, 2010

Saree has always been most elegant and sexiest Indian dress. So when it comes to attending a function or wedding what better dress than saree. But however good the saree might be wearing it only in one style could seem monotonous. So friends here I bring to you 25 different styles to drape your saree and wear your pallu to add an extra beautiful touch to your saree style.


saree and pallu drape style 1

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